Standing With The Victims Of The Earthquake

Standing With The Victims Of The Earthquake
Summary: A great tragedy has struck Syria and Türkiye. Discover here a few of the organizations that are supporting the victims of the earthquake.

Türkiye-Syria Earthquake: How To Contribute To The Affected

In the early hours of Monday, February 6, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit central Türkiye and western Syria. Its epicenter was 34km (21 mi) west of the Gaziantep province, but it was felt as far as Lebanon and Israel. With multiple aftershocks, the strongest one measuring at 7.5, the aftermath is heartbreaking, with over 9000 and 3000 casualties in Türkiye and Syria respectively. However, with every passing minute, the death toll rises as an unknown number of people remain trapped under rubble in below-zero temperatures. Following the devastating impact of this tragic event, we share some humanitarian organizations you can donate to and support the victims of the earthquake.

Impact Of The Earthquake

As with all natural disasters, even though the event itself lasts only a few seconds or minutes, its repercussions are always significantly more long-lasting. At this moment, tens of thousands of people are homeless as their houses have collapsed or are in uncertain condition. Many are taking refuge in shopping centers, stadiums, or mosques as aftershocks continue to rock the affected areas. In northwestern Syria, the situation is just as dire, with almost 4 million people already in need of humanitarian aid.

As for other long-term effects of this quake, the already shaky economy of Türkiye will take an additional hit, as the physical damages are expected to reach several billion dollars. Moreover, the recent health crisis of COVID-19 had already placed excessive pressure on the country's health system, which is now called to care for over 50,000 injured. And let's not forget how much this catastrophe impacts children. In addition to being injured, displaced, and subject to extreme weather conditions, children will also be losing their access to educational facilities for the foreseeable future.

Help Is Coming From All Corners Of The World

A silver lining in all this tragedy has been the response from all over the world. Over 80 countries have offered humanitarian aid and practical support. To name only a few, India, Romania, Spain, and Switzerland are sending teams of trained rescuers and search dogs. The UK is sending seismic listening devices and concrete-cutting equipment to aid rescue parties. Greece is putting earthquake diplomacy in action, an agreement initiated when violent earthquakes hit both countries in the summer of 1999. Since then, both countries are expected to leave their political differences aside and offer help if their neighbor is in need. At this moment, a military cargo plane has already arrived in the area carrying special unit rescuers, humanitarian and medical supplies, sniffer dogs, and doctors.

How To Help

If you want to contribute, here are some humanitarian organizations you can donate to that offer help in the affected areas.

UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency)

The Refugee Agency of the United Nations is helping people in Türkiye and Syria brace for the freezing temperatures with tents, blankets, warm clothing, sleeping mats, etc.


The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is in the midst of crises in Türkiye, Syria, and many other regions in the world. Their efforts are focused on protecting and supporting unaccompanied children.

Syrian American Medical Society

Since 2011, the Syrian American Medical Society has been offering medical aid throughout Syria by financially supporting hospitals, training Syrian medical personnel, and donating essential medical equipment where needed. During this crisis, they continue to provide emergency aid to the victims of the earthquake.

The White Helmets

The White Helmets is a nonprofit organization made up of more than 3000 volunteers that helps the Syrian community by providing necessary equipment and manpower to search and rescue operations. They were previously helping deliver medical aid to COVID-19 patients.

Save The Children

In northwestern Syria and Türkiye, Save the Children is working hard to assess the damages and needs of unprotected children. The organization is working closely with the local government and has already set up an emergency response team, as well as provided winter kits to keep affected communities warm.

Doctors Without Borders

As always, Doctors Without Borders are at the front line of another disaster with widespread repercussions. Their ongoing presence in Syrian territory allowed them to be one of the first responders when the quake struck.

Humanitarian Relief Foundation

Since 1992, the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has been supporting communities that have suffered any type of catastrophe. With the donations they receive, they are able to secure water, food, clothing, and shelter for many of the victims.


Natural disasters are always here to remind us of the fragility of life and the importance of sticking together. Despite our political, societal, or economic differences, humans always support each other when disaster strikes. During this current crisis that has affected millions of people who were already facing struggles of their own, we turn to our community and ask that you contribute in any way you can. Donate to one of the organizations we linked in this article or, if you can't afford to do so, share this article to spread the word. Moreover, communicate with your local organizations who might be gathering up clothing, food, or hygiene products to send to the affected areas. United, we are stronger, and we can overcome any challenge.